Johnson Computer Software Team (JCST) Limited is an independent software developer specializing in client/server systems using Java, JavaFX and Object Oriented (NOSQL) databases on servers, desktops and Android. As well, JCST has developed and supports several stand alone application packages for various industry sectors.

We take a team approach to systems development with core members working together for over 20 years providing stability and reassurance to our clients.

With a focus on leading edge specialty business systems using Object Oriented methodologies and tools we develop, implement and maintain:
  • Complete custom solutions
  • System tools and components
  • Client/server application middleware
Relying on open source software to a great degree we have endeavoured to "give back" by developing and distributing a couple of open source systems:
Both have desktop and Android versions available. The desktop and Android versions have the capability to synchronize content.

Modified July 12, 2018
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