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Johnson Computer Software Team (JCST) Limited is an independent software developer specializing in client/server systems using Java, JavaFX and Object Oriented (NOSQL) databases on servers, desktops and Android.

JCST has most recently developed a Pilot Training Record (PTR) system to allow flying schools or other
pilot training organization to track and report students' progress in their training towards a license or rating.

As well, JCST has developed and supports several stand alone application packages for various industry sectors.

In 2013 JCST released 2 pairs of apps under the GNU public license:

In each case the desktop version and the Android version can be synchronized allowing the convenience of desktop access with the portability on a phone or tablet. The Password Manager encrypts the data stored on the device and when synchronizing between desktop and Android.

The systems, originally released in 2014, were written using Java Swing to create the GUI. Not only is Swing moribund but the installation and support mechanism - jnlp (Java Network Load Protocol run by Java Web Start) - has also been removed from the latest versions of Java. The official path to updating Swing apps is to use JavaFX. Now JavaFX has been removed from the latest versions of Java (versions later than 1.8) requiring a much more complex installation than the original distribution.

The desktop versions of the original apps will continue to run on Java 1.8 so long as this web site is maintained. While the jnlp files for the desktop are configured for standalone running, Java Web Start no longer honours this setting and the desktop versions will not run without being able to contact the website. It is recommended to install the latest versions below.

Because JCST is fading into retirement, this web site will not be maintained indefinitely so updated versions of the desktop apps have been developed that will run standalone on the desktop. At the same time Android has progressed considerably in the last 5 years so the Android apps have been updated to take advantage of new features.

The desktop version of the Password Manager is found For the Android version look for "JCST Password Manager" on Google Play.

The logbook version is now available at For the Android version look for "JCST Logbook" on Google Play

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