Pilot Training Record System



The Pilot Training Record Pilot (PTR) is a system for a pilot training organization to track and report students' progress in their training towards a license or rating. The training organization of flight school sets up the courses that are offered, detailing the syllabus of flying and/or classroom training requirements for each. If operated as a stand-alone system the school enters the details of the school aircraft, the instructors that are flying with students and airports that will most commonly be used. As students begin flight training their details are entered into the system. Students are "enrolled" in courses as set up by the school. As the students fly or attend classroom sessions the details of these are recorded in the system allowing students to see their own progress and instructors to monitor students' progress. Results can be exported to spreadsheets.

If the school also uses FleetCaptain to dispatch their flights, the PTR system can receive the information from FleetCaptain thus
automatically populating the PTR system with the aircraft, student pilots and flights.

When a student completes their training there is a facility to export their flight data to the JCST Pilot Logbook application so they can continue to maintain their ongoing flying records in an electronic form.


The PTR System uses a client/server architecture with all the data stored in a database on a server. Access to the system by school administrators and student pilots and instructors is from a PC application (Windows, Mac or Linux) over the internet. An appropriate version of the application can be installed with the installation program.
Download the appropriate version of the installation program & se the ReadMe file to run it:

installation for Windows
installation for Linux
installation for Mac

If you have Java 16 installed the installation will give you a choice of installing the version that uses the resident Java; if not the installation program will install a version with Java embedded in it.

To determine what version of Java (if any) is installed open a command window/cmd prompt and type:

java -version

and press Enter.

If java is installed the response will included something like:

"java version 1.8.0_251" or "openjdk version "16.0.1" 2021-04-20" depending on the version and the platform. If the version starts with "16.0" that's Java 16 and can be used to run the Logbook System. Otherwise the installation program will install the version that does not require any Java to be installed on your PC.

The server application is installed by JCST and the server name, port number and administrator password communicated to the school. Once up and running, the school administrator downloads the PC application and uses the credentials supplied to log in and start configuring courses, etc.

Using the System

Once the system is running press the F1 key for Help. You can use this on-line help as soon as the normal log in form is displayed, you do not need to be logged in first.

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