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If you're like me you have passwords or pins for your e-mail system(s), bank account(s), social media, and so on. Every one providing an on-line system seems to require a password no matter how inconsequential it is: Oracle requires an account with a password just to access the JDK, AVWeb requires a sign on just to take the quizzes they periodically post. Everyone has their own rules about what constitutes a valid password - it must start with a digit, it must have upper and lower case letters, it must be at least 8 characters long, it can't be based on a dictionary word, .... I found that at 1842 different passwords my memory began to fail me so I needed a solution. I still spend a good deal of time on my desktop system and, of course, I carry a smart phone (Android) and have an Android tablet. So I wanted a solution that I could install on both and synchronize them all. Of course you mustn't store unencrypted passwords on any device so developing these apps gave me an opportunity to get familiar with Password Based Encryption (PBE). Communication between the desktop and the Android devices uses public/private key encryption.

The Password Manager System is a simple Java app with a companion Android app for easy entry & recall of systems & their passwords.

This page describes the installation of the desktop system. To get the Android version go to the Android Apps market and look for .... contact the developer as per below.


To use the Password Manager System system you must install the Sun JavaTM Virtual Machine, sometimes referred to as the Java Run Time Environment (JRE). Most PCs today come with Java installed. To actually run the installation and the Password Manager System requires version 1.7 or better but if you have an older version of Java, the installation will automatically fetch and install the latest version of Java when you run it.

If you don't have any version of Java then you can download the latest version from the Oracle web site at See The Essentials for more information on determining the version of Java that you have and where to get Java.

Once you have Java on your system, click here to install the Password Manager System.

The first thing that appears is a security warning advising that while the application is signed by a trusted certificate it does have unrestricted access to your machine:

Security Warning

Allow the installer to run and the installation screen appears:

System Installation

The only thing you need to do is specify a directory where you want the system installed. Use the Browse button to select a directory. If the directory you specify does not exist it will be created. Note that on some versions of Windows you are not allowed to write to the root C:\, you must install in a subdirectory such as C:\Users\PasswordManager\.

Once a directory has been specified press the Continue button to complete the installation (which should only take a few seconds).

Once you've installed the system you will receive a message to that effect and then the installation will start the actual Password Manager System automatically. The first frame that appears is End User License Agreement:


Choose the Accept button to continue or Decline to exit without using the system.

Once you accept the license agreement the system will start and display the main screen to allow you to start using the system:


Using the System

Once the system is running pressing the F1 key will bring up the on-line Help.

See The Essentials for information on backing up your data. Once you have the system installed and running see the on-line help for more information.

Recent Updates

No updates are available yet.

Android Version

The Android version of the Password Manager System is called JCST Password Manag. Contact the developer to request the apk installation file.

Legal Stuff

The Password Manager System installed from this page is free software.
The Password Manager System is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. 

You will be required to accept the terms of the license before you can use the system.

Prepared: February 15, 2014
Modified: July 12, 2018
Copyright Johnson Computer Software Team Limited.  2014, 2018
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